Monday, December 19, 2011


Lips are the sexiest and most emotive part of a human body. You can smile and show the world you're happy, you can pout and tell the world that you're sad and when you bite your lip suddenly you're being seductive.  Not only how it is shaped but the things that came out of there can either break your heart or make your day. And what amaze me the most is how it defines your relationship with another human beings. A kiss on the forehead means I care about you, a kiss on the cheek means I'm being friendly, a kiss on the nose means you're cute and on the neck means I want you. A kiss on the lips can mean a whole lot of different things. But my favorite is always a kiss on the eye, once I was told that it says "don't forget about me." And I haven't forgotten about that very moment ever since.

Model: Sarah Luzuriaga

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