Monday, February 13, 2012


You can't judge a gift by how much you spend on it. A good gift is something that you put your mind and energy to. A gift giver should highly think of what the receiver wants and like.

I personally love any kinds of gift but the gifts that are most memorable are those that speaks to me on a personal level. What girl doesn't like getting a new pair of shoes or a new handbag from their lover? I do want to have those but I'd rather get a hand written love letter any day.

The power of love letters are so underrated in our world today. I don't think putting down your feelings on a piece of paper is cheesy at all, if anything it's very romantic. It shows how much the person means to you and I bet that that person will love you for it.

So in the spirit of February 14th, think hard before you give that same old flower and chocolate. Give them something unexpected, show them how you truly feel. Happy fucklentines day!

...or happy Valentines day if you're into that weird shit  

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